Sunday, December 03, 2006

Episode Ten: Chinese Education System
This episode tells you how Chinese children and young people spend their first 9-16 years at school, the differences and the commonalities between Chinese education and the western education, and the Chinese Higher Education reform.

Word of the Day:
1. 学校 ‘xue2xiao4’(school): 中国的小学生和中学生 通常每天 在学校学习8-10 个小时。(Chinese primary and middle school students usually spend 8-10 hours studying at school)
2. 小学,中学,大学 ‘xiao3xue2, zhong1xue2, da4xue2’ (elementary school, middle school, university/college):像很多国家一样,通过中国的小学,中学,大学体系通常需要16年的时间。(Like in many other countries, it takes 16 years to pass the primary school, middle school, and college system in China.)
3. 教育 ‘jiao4yu4’(education):中国现在正在进行高等教育改革。(China is currently going through a higher education reform.)

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for doing these it is good to have different types of input and I appreciate the background information on China.
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This podcast gets better with every episode. Keep up the good work Cathy.

PS. Your voice is very soothing. :)

Glad to hear things are going well! Thanks for another great podcast, they are very in depth and as Bazza says are getting better and better. Looking forward to the next. :)
Great podcast thanks for the lessons and insight into modern Zhong1guo2! Keep up the good work.

I really love your podcast and think you really do a great job with it.

I'm going to be attending a friend's wedding in Beijing in a few months. It would be nice to hear an episode on what I should expect to see at a wedding.

Much thanks,

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