Thursday, September 14, 2006

Episode Six: The Growing Economy and the Everyday Life
This episode talks about the economic changes happening in China and their impacts on people's everyday life, from the city to the country. 'Word of the Day' include:

1. 钱 'qian2' (money): 他用很多钱买下了他喜欢的汽车. (He bought the car he liked with a lot of money.)
2. 有钱 'you3qian2',富裕 'fu4yu4'(wealthy, rich): 这个村子的人很有钱. (The people in this village are very rich.)
3. 工资 'gong1zi1'(wage),薪水 'xin1shui3'(salary): 在中国,大多数刚刚毕业的大学生的工资很低. (In China, the salary of most newly graduated college students is quite low. )

Monday, September 04, 2006

Episode Five: Chinese Medicine

This episode unveils what Chinese medicine is really about, its modern uses in China, and its spread to the other parts of the world. It also teaches you the words to get you into the door of a Chinese Medicine doctor:
1. 中药 'zhong1yao4' (Chinese Medicine): 中药通常很苦.(Chinese Medicine often has a very bitter taste.)
2. 中医 'zhong1yi1' (Chinese Medicine Doctor): 我认识一位老中医.(I know an old Chinese Medicine Doctor.)
3. 病了 'bing4 le';不舒服 'bu4 shu1fu2';很难受 'hen nanshou' (not comfortable; feeling sick): 我今天病了;我今天不太舒服;我今天有点难受. ( I am not feeling well today.)

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