Friday, February 02, 2007

Episode Eleven: Chinese New Year/Spring Festival

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is coming on Feb 18th! This is the biggest holiday for Chinese every year. It is the first day of the year on the Chinese lunar calendar and also signifies the first day of spring. Most people leave work for about a week in China to celebrate this traditional holiday and spend time with family and friends in the most common formats for any festivity in the world, eat, drink, talk, watch TV, and etc. There are also some special activities going on for this holiday as well, such as 年夜饭 or 逛庙会。

Word of the Day
1) 春节,过年,新年 'chun1jie2,guo4nian2,xin1nian2'(spring festival, celebrating holiday, New Year): 中国最盛大的节日是春节,中国人也叫农历新年。(The most celebrated holiday in China is Spring Festival, which Chinese also call lunar New Year.)

2) 年夜饭,团圆饭 'nian2ye4fan4, tuan2yuan2fan4'(New Year's Eve dinner, Getting-together dinner): 除夕之夜,全家人坐在一起吃年夜饭,团圆饭。(New Year's Eve, the whole family sit together to have the New Year's Eve dinner, Getting-together dinner. )

3) 饺子; 年糕 'jiao3zi, nian2gao1'(dumpling; sticky rice patty):年夜饭里总会有饺子或者年糕。(There are always dumplings or sticky rice patties in New Year's Eve dinner.)

4) 拜年; 逛庙会 'bai4nian2,guang4 miao4hui4'(give holiday greetings; go to temple fairs):过春节的时候,大家去亲友家拜年,还常常带小孩去逛庙会。(During Spring Festival, people would visit family and friends to give them holiday greetings, and would also take kids to go to temple fairs.)

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