Sunday, December 03, 2006

Episode Ten: Chinese Education System
This episode tells you how Chinese children and young people spend their first 9-16 years at school, the differences and the commonalities between Chinese education and the western education, and the Chinese Higher Education reform.

Word of the Day:
1. 学校 ‘xue2xiao4’(school): 中国的小学生和中学生 通常每天 在学校学习8-10 个小时。(Chinese primary and middle school students usually spend 8-10 hours studying at school)
2. 小学,中学,大学 ‘xiao3xue2, zhong1xue2, da4xue2’ (elementary school, middle school, university/college):像很多国家一样,通过中国的小学,中学,大学体系通常需要16年的时间。(Like in many other countries, it takes 16 years to pass the primary school, middle school, and college system in China.)
3. 教育 ‘jiao4yu4’(education):中国现在正在进行高等教育改革。(China is currently going through a higher education reform.)

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