Monday, July 31, 2006

Episode Three, Chinese Food: introduce the history and the vast and diverse scenes of Chinese food. Talk about well known branches of the cuisine as well as famous dishes, many interesting facts and personal experiences, then focus on how the Chinese food in the West is different from the native ones, and then suggest you ways to get real Chinese food in a restaurant... Word of today is 'chi1' (吃), 'to eat.'

Great Podcasts. Exactly the thing I was looking for. Somebody who explains the ways of the chinese people, their lifestyle and habits. And you even get to learn chinese ;)
Especially the bit about the Bejing bar/club scene being different from the Shanghai scene was interesting. I can totally understand, Shanghai is quite westernized concerning the music and so on. I guess Bejing offers a look into a more authentic chinese nightlife.
Hope you had a nice vacation in Europe and continue the great podcasts.

I have been to Hongkong a few year ago. And recently I had an unforgetful holiday in Suzhou and Shanghai. I never had this much fun on a holiday trip!
For pictures of the Shanghai trip check out and hit the previous page button.
I just returned last week from China and I am still a bit shaken by that great experience :D
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