Saturday, October 28, 2006

Episode Eight: Chinese Music -- Classical and Folk
This episode introduces 4 well-known pieces of Chinese classical and folk music as well as some basic knowledge about Chinese musical instruments. The music pieces are 'Er4 Quan2 Ying4 Yue4,' 'Yu2 Zhou1 Chang4 Wan3,' 'Shi2 Mian4 Mai2 Fu4,' and 'Mo4 Li4 Hua1.' Enjoy!

'Word of the Day' include:

1. 音乐 'yin1yue4' (music): 中国古典音乐的历史非常悠久。(The history of Chinese classical music is very long.)

2. 乐器 'yue4qi4' (musical instrument): 琴是一种中国古典乐器。(Qin is a type of Chinese classical musical instrument.)

3. 民歌 'min2ge1' (Folk Song): 茉莉花是一首有名的中国民歌。(Jasmine is a popular Chinese folk song.)

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