Sunday, October 29, 2006

Episode Nine: Chinese Tea
This episode discusses the Chinese tea culture, people's ways of drinking tea, and the influence of this culture to the west.

'Word of the Day' include:
1. 茶,茶叶 ‘cha2, cha2ye4’ (tea,tea leaves): 中国有很多地方都出产茶叶。(There are many places in China producing tea.)
2. 喝茶 ‘he1cha2’ (to drink tea): 我喜欢在早上喝茶。(I like to drink tea in the morning.)
3. 绿茶,红茶 ‘lü4cha2, hong2cha2’ (green tea, black tea): 在中国,很多南方人喜欢喝绿茶,而红茶并不普遍。(In China, people from the south like to drink green tea, and whereas black tea is not very common.)

The music you use at the beginning of this segment is very interesting, especially the second, more modern piece. Is there any way to hear the entire song Is it, for example, available through iTunes or Amazon? I've never heard it before, but it's quite beautiful.
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